What is Brands & Connections about?

What is Angela Simon doing for you with her international based creative team & strategy partners, as the client, when you have decided to represent your brand through Brands & Connections?

  • Each brand is represented, managed & communicated exclusively by Angela Simon herself in teamwork his her head office creative team & strategy partners internationally.
  • Each brand gets a customized made public relations & branding concept strategy with a time & a audience target definition in cooperation with Angela Simon as your brand ambassador herself and in cooperation with her influencers & strategy business partners, with whom she works with internationally with Brands & Connections in teamwork.
  • Every brand gets it’s own Public Relations, Media & Communications Branding Concept, built up from A-Z internationally, always in close and trusting cooperation directly with the client on our own media platforms & in cooperation with our established strategy partners & influencer media platforms as well. And will have the opportunity to be interviewed by Angela Simon herself and be streamed internationally on our new Fabulous TV Show online media platforms.

Why Brands & Connections?

    • Everything at Brands & Connections takes place via personality. Angela Simon, with her excellent business reputation and longterm relationships in the Fashion, Lifestyle, Media, Press, Publishing, Movie & Entertainment Industry, is the international representative and management of this boutique agency.
    • Angela Simon has excellent & close longterm relationships internationally to fashion designers, stylist, hair & up artist, publishers, editors, photographers, creative directors, casting directors, models, actors, artist, influencers; just name it.
    • We emphasis on placing companies, brands and products directly in the center at the forefront of the respective industry on the international market through our excellent public relations, communications and branding story telling skills with our Brands & Connections head office & creative team, which are fluent in 6 languages as follows; English, German, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, French.
    • We are the link between celebrities, brands and the media world.
    • It is undisputed, that the business world is only working with a personality and direct contacts with the decision makers. That’s what Angela Simon stands for with her name and connections worldwide. And that is what Brands & Connections is all about and makes it so unique & special.

Our creative team

See our international Brands & Connections creative team

Our creative team

Photographer, Hair & Make up Artist, Stylist


Our Talents

Our amazing Actors, Artist, Fashion Designer, who we are managing internationally

Who are we representing?

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Our Magazine Collaborations

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Our Magazine Collaborations

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Our Head Office & Strategy Partners

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Our international team

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We are the link between celebrities & media world

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