How it began

‘For years I’ve been working in the international media / TV productions / show business / celebrities / acting, luxury lifestyle at the highest level, both privately and professionally. I, myself as a businesswoman, am very interested in public relations and marketing, above all I love branding. In addition to my business & law degree, I have worked as an actress & advertising model independently.

On this basis, I am always talking to people from different areas, whether it is fashion designers, actors, singers, songwriters, TV producers, caster, luxury companies and brands. These people are asking me whether I would like to manage them from A-Z. They know how good I am internationally connected with the decision makers, and they see in me, Angela Simon, the woman who makes the impossible possible, and who creates talents, newcomers & brands, that are just beginning to be known in Europe. These clients want me to market and develop them, their brands and products internationally. All customers who appeal to me independently confirm that the secret of success is good relationships, and to be in the right place at the right time. A brand can be a fashion brand, a singer, an actor, a TV production company, just everything …That is why I started Brands & Connections!’

Angela’s Background

Angela studied International Business and Law, with a specialisation in International Contracts. While studying in Germany, she worked internationally as an actress, TV presenter and model herself. As a self-employed Business woman, she has a lot of international experience in Artist & Media Management, Fashion & Lifestyle Branding, Business Development & Management, PR, Marketing & Branding.

Her international business references come from Germany, the USA, Spain and Hungary, she speaks fluently German, American English, Spanish and Hungarian.

Currently she is planning, creating and managing her own TV, PR & Marketing Projects with her own Production Team from Germany. She is also producing an own TV Project about Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion and Luxury travel in cooperation with her international clients and international celebrities.